Parent Testimonials


Alex Ortolano

Our son, Jack, has been part of the Thunder LB3 lacrosse program for over three years. Jack has played with other lacrosse programs over the past 8 years, but joining the Thunder LB3 program three years ago was a game changer for him. Under Liam Bank’s coaching, our Summer Elite team was competitive at the biggest tournaments in the country (Long Island, Philly, Baltimore, Boston and New York). Liam is also very knowledgeable about the recruiting process and has been a tremendous support to us along the way.

(Jack Ortolano, 2018 Attack , Providence College ’22 Commit)


Lisa & Al Pacheco

We came over to Thunder LB3 the fall of our son’s Freshman year in high school. He was playing several sports, but had decided that his true passion lay with lacrosse. We wanted to give him the opportunity to be surrounded & coached by guys that had truly played the game at the highest level. We also wanted him to play against the best competition so that his skills, IQ, & love for the game could grow exponentially. We felt he had the drive & passion to get to the next level. We knew that Thunder LB3 would expose him & help him to earn his spot at a great university that would not only allow him to play the game he loves, but also afford him a great education. Liam, Rat, Z & BWall have been instrumental in our son’s success & development & Thunder LB3 has exceeded our expectations.

(Zack Pacheco, 2019 Midfield, Georgetown ’23 Commit)


Matt and Lori Thomas

We joined the Thunder LB3 family in the summer of 2011. At that time, in the Atlanta area, there were only a small number of Lacrosse programs offering training at the Elite level. We were blessed with an opportunity to play for each of those programs and chose Thunder LB3 because of these reasons:
1-Coaching by the most skilled Lacrosse minds in the entire country.
2-Focus on the players learning the game and developing their IQ at the highest level.
3-Playing the best teams in the country at the most elite tournaments.

When our oldest son, Andrew “Sunshine” Thomas 2015 Elite, made the decision to pursue Lacrosse at the next level. The Thunder LB3 coaches met with us and helped us determine the best fit for him. He is currently “All Conference” Attack for Lynchburg in the highly competitive ODAC Conference of Division 3.

Our youngest son, Michael Paul Thomas 2020 Elite, is in his 4th year in the program and has enjoyed all of the opportunities that the program has given him.

The best testimonial I can give the coaches and players within the Thunder LB3 program is this. When Spring seasons began to wind down, our boys ALWAYS looked forward to getting out and practicing with their Thunder LB3 family. Playing fast and playing with teammates who understand the game and are coachable, always brought a level of excitement for them.

(Andrew “Sunshine” Thomas 2015 Lynchburg & MP Thomas 2020 Fogo )


Randy Sadd

We have had the pleasure of entrusting four Sadd boys with the Thunder LB3 program…two currently still active and two who are now playing lacrosse at the D1 college level. Thunder LB3 brought competitive lacrosse to the south, and created the opportunity to compete on a national level. Between the club teams, the camps, and the clinics, the coaching and the elite training is the absolute best!

(Jake Saad 2015 LSM and Luke Saad 2017 FO Mercer)


Greg Malever

When it comes to navigating the recruiting landscape, no one does it better than Thunder LB3!

(Eric Malever, 2020 Attack, Maryland ’24 Commit)


Brian Fabrizio

We have been really impressed with the Warehouse training facility for Thunder LB3. The facility has a great layout for simultaneous sessions, well maintained, a great wall for wall ball, and easy to schedule with the help of Alex Haskins. We have primarily been training with Coach Z with additional work with Liam. The dedication to teaching my son the ways to get to the next level are great. Pete’s comments help to tell our kids story, “I love it and I like working out there and working with Coach Z. I am tired at the end but I learn so much”.

(2021 North Fulton Regional Team)


Doug MacLeod

The combined LB3/Thunder program is the best lacrosse instruction that you can receive. At all levels, the coaching staff has the player’s best interests in mind – constantly pushing the players to be their best on and off the field. With respect to recruiting, the contacts of all the coaches in the programs is something to take into consideration. Their expertise in making the right phone calls to the right coaches at the right time is invaluable. If your son or daughter has the desire and determination to put in the effort required to be the best, I, without reservation, recommend Thunder LB3 as the best program in the Southeast to facilitate their success.

(Cade MacLeod, 2019 Attack, Georgetown ’23 Commit)


Jeff Siracusa

Being a part of the Thunder LB3 lacrosse program has been a great experience. Our son has played with the organization for four years and continues to develop year after year. The lacrosse knowledge of the coaching staff and the passion they bring to the sport is the best in Georgia. As we navigated through the college recruiting process, they were very involved in helping our son make the right choice for him. Not only has he developed as a lacrosse player, but he’s had the best time traveling with a great group of boys, creating memories that will last a lifetime!

(Ryan Siracusa, 2019 Attack, Maryland ’23 Commit)


Paul Tippett

One of the best decisions my family has made was my decision to get my son involved with Thunder LB3 Lacrosse. My son, Preston, played for 3 years (2013-2015) with the Thunder LB3 2015 Elite team which changed his life. One of my big regrets was not getting him involved earlier, as he spent U9,U11, and U13 playing Rec ball in Roswell. Why Thunder LB3?

The Coaching:
Liam Banks and his staff were made up of National champions and All-Americans at D1-D3 lacrosse programs. Our training was position-specific and team-specific as we prepared for our Summer,Fall, and New Years events. Individual coaching was also available.

The Players:
I wanted my son to play with the best players in Georgia, and Thunder LB3 tryouts included athletes from the best High school teams in both Georgia and Tennessee. Being a teammate with the best player from so many great High school programs gave my son a great sense of pride and accomplishment. It is a lot of fun to be a part of a Georgia ‘Super-Team” I assure you.

The Parents:
Our 2015 Elite team parents were some of the best friends I have ever made. I think we had more fun at our events than the kids did! Don’t miss the opportunity to travel to these events. You will not regret it!

The Travel:
Tournament planning included events in: Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and New York. These events were a lot of fun, and allowed our players to test their skills against some of the best kids in the country. We more than held our own…winning many events! Lifetime memories!

Thunder LB3 College Connection:
Where Thunder LB3 really steps up their game is their relationship with college coaches. My son was late in the recruiting process so Liam got him involved in individual showcase events I.e. Nike Blue chip regionals and then Nationals as well as our team events. Having Thunder LB3 working on your son’s behalf is crucial…from film distribution to recommendations to Coaches. If you want your son to play at the next level…Thunder LB3 is critical to achieving your goal!

The Results:
As the result of playing with Thunder LB3 at an event in Philadelphia, the Air Force Academy saw my son play and offered him the opportunity to play Division 1 lacrosse in Colorado Springs. This followed 2 State championships at Roswell High school in 2014 and 2015. I firmly believe that my sons success was built by his Thunder LB3 coaches, his incredible teammates, and the personal attention he was given to achieve his goals. Thank you to Liam Banks and the Thunder LB3 family!

(Preston Tippett 2015 2X State Champ Roswell HS, Air Force 2020)


Sam Bayne

The warehouse has been a great place for my son Drew to get an amazing workout, hone his stick skills, better his footwork, and learn the game from some of the top lacrosse coaches in Georgia. He always gets in the car and says, “that was the hardest workout I’ve ever done.” The whole Thunder LB3 organization is a first-class operation and it shows in how quickly the lessons at the warehouse have filled up. I know Drew is becoming a better lacrosse player because of what he is learning and doing at the warehouse.

(Drew Bayne, 2021 Defense)

Player Testimonials


Zack Pacheco

I love coming to the Thunder LB3 warehouse to get my reps. There is always availability, so you can select what time works best with your schedule and get your workout in with some of the best coaching staff in Georgia. The warehouse is set up for maximum efficiency when it comes to working on your stick skills to speed agility training. The atmosphere is a fun experience especially when the music is bumping and all the boys are in there putting in work. Working out at the warehouse has been some of the best training I have ever done. Not only has it made me a better lacrosse player but has taught me that in order to truly be successful you must get your reps in.

(2019 Midfield Georgetown ’23)

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