Are the Blue and Orange teams already selected?
Teams have already been selected.

Is the Blue team the better team?
The Blue team is the top team elite team, however with the consolidation we feel both teams will be very competitive and represent the best 48 players in each grad class.

My son is hurt and cannot play at the tryouts.  He played for Thunder/LB3 last year.  What will happen to him?
We will have a spot for the player on an Elite or Regional team. We will set up an individual tryout for placement when cleared by the Doctor.

My son cannot make Saturday or Sunday of tryouts?
Players who can’t attend the tryouts will be asked to attend the call back tryout.

My son can only make one day of tryouts?
We require one tryout but ask that players try to make both tryouts. If only able to attend one session, we will use the evaluation for placement. He should also come to the callbacks the following day if possible.

My son is not able to make the callback tryout. In the event that he is invited back, how will this be handled?
We will use the evaluation grades from the first set of tryouts for placement.

What is the callback protocol? – If a player gets called back does that mean he made one of the two teams?
Invitations for call backs will be sent. Players who receive call back invites will compete on for the Blue and Orange teams. Call backs do not ensure placement on the blue or orange teams.

How many players are you keeping on the Blue and Orange team?
There will be 24 players per roster.

How many players per position are you keeping on Blue and Orange teams?
5 Attack, 5 Defense, 2 goalies, 2 LSM, 8 Midfield, 2 FOGO

If my son is on the Orange team, can he move up?
Yes. There is opportunity to move up to the blue team should a blue roster spot open due to injury or player moving out of state.

If my son is on the Blue team, can he be moved down?
Yes. He can be moved to the Orange team if the commitment of the player contract is not met. Player contracts will be sent out next week.

Why is the Orange team price the same as the Blue team price?
Both teams are Elite level teams that will be attending the top recruiting events and will work with our Elite level staff throughout the year.

What other coaches are coaching with these teams?
We are finalizing our list of coaches on the website. It is a work in progress. We will also employ current college players as well and will add them later in the year.

Will there be a National team again?  Who can play on that team?  Where are they going?
Yes, there will be a National Team. Anyone from the Elite and Regional teams can tryout for the National Team. The HS Teams will attend the NapTown Challenge in Annapolis in July.

For those being cut from Elite tryouts, how does the Regional tryouts work?  How do I register?  How many teams will we have?
Elite cut players will be placed on the Regional HS teams. When notified that you have not made an Elite team, we will have instructions on how to register for the regional teams. There will be one team at each HS grad year in each region.

Can one player from one region play in another region because last summer they liked the coach and teammates?
Regional teams will consist of regional only players unless there is a need to fill out grad year level teams with cross over from other regions.

Will there be a Youth National team?
Yes we will have youth national teams that will be selected and play in one event in July consisting of the best players from all the regional teams. That event is tbd.




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