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Overview of Program:

Empowerhouse Leadership Consultancy has created a proprietary leadership development tool called The BioCode System™. This system teaches participants how to use life’s daily challenges as a vehicle for personal development and growth.

Few things throw adversity our way as regularly as sports. In the Empowerhouse Leadership Academy we will focus on using adversity in practice, games and over the course of a season to develop strong leadership habits.


“My sons Charlie and Cooper have both learned and been practicing the biocode system over the past year. I have noticed a drastic improvement in their problem-solving skills and how they deal with adversity in their lives. Overall, both of their grades have gone up in the classroom and their attitudes on and off of the field have improved. This system has taken them practice and over the course of learning the biocode system their skills have been sharpened. Now my sons implement the biocodes into their daily lives without hesitation. It has made them better young men and has helped them become more mature problem solvers and they seek adversity instead of running from it.” – David Higgins







“One key way the BioCode System has helped me is that sometimes I have a habit of worrying about how I am viewed by others. These techniques have made me aware that I cant always change or control other people’s views but I can always control how I act. The BioCode system has already helped me, and will continue to help me grow in the future.” – Jake Urowsky 2020



“Learning to BioCode has helped me to become a better friend, family member, and teammate” – Rob Hakes 2019

“Empowerhouse Leadership Academy was a game changer for my son! Learning the BioCodes and practicing them with Scott helped my son to recognize adversity as an opportunity to grow. He learned very specific tools for becoming a more focused and effective leader both on and off the field. Thank you making ELA available to student athletes of all ages!” – Colleen Farley


“The Biocode system has helped me deal with day to day adversity by helping me to see these moments as opportunities for growth and learning as opposed to becoming angry and impatient. Learning this system took lots of practice and plenty of trial and error, but after consciously trying to find these “Biocoding moments” I have successfully been able to use my skills to problem solve and live a more aware of my emotions and how my actions are expressed because of what is on my mind. This Biocode system has dramatically improved the relationships in my life with family and friends as well as my athletic career. Thanks to the Biocode system I now can problem solve before I get caught in trouble and I am able to do this without having to remind myself about each of the five codes.” – Cooper Higgins 2019



Scott Ratliff was a 2X Captain and NCAA Champion at Loyola University Maryland before moving on to serve as a 4X Captain in Major League Lacrosse with the Boston Cannons and Atlanta Blaze. Scott has been committed to the development of young athletes in Metro Atlanta for the past 4 years, coaching with Thunder LB3 as well as at Greater Atlanta Christian School. For the previous 2 years Scott has been a certified BioCode Coach and has worked with coaches, athletes and business executives to improve their personal leadership behaviors.


TJ Canada grew up outside of Boston, Massachusetts where he was an accomplished multi-sport athlete in both Football and Lacrosse. In 2005 TJ moved to Atlanta and began his career in speed and agility training with XPE over the southeast. Having learned The BioCode System himself and experiencing the incredible changes it has made in his own life TJ is now committed to helping others achieve this same growth.

The BioCode System™ 

The BioCode System™ Athlete Program is designed  to accelerate and facilitate outstanding individual performance and personal development. We introduce athletes to a new set of rules, strategies and practices that lead to improved functionality on and off the field. 

We teach athletes the behaviors that empower their physical energy, increase their emotional resilience, sharpen their capacity for focus, and strengthen their sense of purpose. With these highly specific behaviors done at precise times – athletes and coaches will improve their personal performance, and help take their teams to greater heights! 

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