Boys Prospect and Showcase Camps

High School Level Boys Prospect and Showcase Camps

December 2017

14 Embry-Riddle Prospect Day, Daytona Beach, FL

17  Furman prospect day, Houston, TX

17  Syracuse Prospect day, Syracuse, NY


January 2018

5  Adrenaline Winter Showcase, San Diego, CA

5  IL Winter showcase, Del Mar, CA

13  Cornell Univ prospect day, Ithaca, NY

13  Ohio State Univ prospect day (2018-20), Columbus, OH

13-14  Masters Florida prospect camp, Vero Beach, FL

13-15 – UNC prospect camp, Chapel Hill, NC

14  Holly Cross prospect day, Worester, MA

14  Lynchburge College showcase, Lynchburg, VA

14  Ohio State Univ prospect day​ (2021-22), Columbus, OH

14  Florida Southern prospect day, Lakeland, FL

15  D3 Winter showcase, Randolf, NJ

20  Cleveland State Univ prospect day, Cleveland, OH

20  Colorado College prospect day, Colorado Springs, CO

21  Princeton prospect camp​, Princeton, NJ

21  Rutgers Univ prospect day, New Brunswick, NJ

27  Colorado College prospect day,​ Colorado Springs, CO

27  Jacksonville, Univ prospect day, Jacksonville, FL

28  Fairfield Univ prospect day, Fairfield, CT

February 2018

17  Florida Southern prospect day, Lakeland, FL

18  Salisbury State prospect day, Salisbury, MD

25  Boston Univ prospect day, Boston, MA


March 2018

25  Boston Univ prospect day, Boston, MA


June 2018

2-3  Southeast Showcase, Charlotte, NC

4-5  Lacrosse Masters prospect camp, Avon, CT

8     Adrenaline Black Card showcase, Frederica, DE

10   D3 Summer showcase, Middletown, CT

14    Williams College prospect day​, Williamstown, MA

15   York College prospect day, York, PA

15-17  Towson State showcase, Towson, MD

16    San Diego Regional Prospect day, Del Mar, CA

20    Adrenaline All American showcase, Frisco, TX

25-27  Showtime showcase 2020-21, Danbury, CT

25-27  Towson State showcase, Towson, MD

27       Adrenaline Summer invitational, Downingtown, PA

27-29  Elite 180 showcase boys, Northfield, MA

27-29  Showtime showcase 2022, Danbury, CT

July 2018

11-12 High Rollers midwest showcase, North Ridgeville, OH

13  Western Showcase, Aurora, CO

13-15 Univ of Michigan prospect day, Ann Arbor, MI

16-18 225 National showcase (2021-22), Amherts, MA

17-19 225 National showcase (2019-20), Amherts, MA

21  Mad Lax East Coast Showcase, Poolesville, MD

24-26  G3 Prospect Goalie academy east, Avon, CT

25-26 High Rollers NW showcase, Seattle, WA

27-29  Elite 100 (2019-21) prospect camp, Beverly, MA

August 2018

2-4  G3 Prospect Goalie academy east, Avon, CT

3     York College prospect day, York, PA

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