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Thunder and LB3 have joined forces to create one of the most exciting, elite level lacrosse programs in the nation. Of Georgia’s two most prominent lacrosse programs, the newly consolidated Thunder LB3 is already raising the bar for southern lacrosse, attracting the best lacrosse players from throughout the region under one unified banner, ready to compete at all levels. Thunder LB3 strives to train and develop each athlete to the very best of his ability, instilling in each young man the confidence that comes from knowing he is on top of his game, ready to meet the challenge. Thunder LB3 boasts quality coaching backed by years of experience and a passion for lacrosse. The coming together of these two powerhouse programs has commanded attention from the nation’s most respected colleges and universities. This comes as no surprise as Thunder and LB3 have together committed well over 100 Division I players, with another 80 plus playing Divisions II and III. Thunder LB3 welcomes all players with the dedication, skills, focus and drive to play lacrosse. In recognition of its proven success and enormous potential, Thunder LB3 was recently admitted to the prestigious National Lacrosse Federation, aligning itself with other top lacrosse programs throughout North America to promote and honor the game.

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